HelloFresh recipe box – review, tasty

There was a half price bargain to be had, so we took the plunge and got a couple of HelloFresh boxes at half price. Tuesday morning they arrived by truck incredibly well packed. The refrigerables packeded in insulated bags and all the other ingredients portioned into little boxes of a size appropriate to the recipes,… Continue reading HelloFresh recipe box – review, tasty

Salade Nicoise. Ish.

The definition of Salade Nicoise seems pretty flexible, so here is a flexed version containing: Pembrokeshire Early new potatoes Red onion Cucumber, cored, from the farmer’s market Cherry tomatoes, from the supermarket, sadly Not-quite hard-boiled egg Anchovies Lettuce from the garden Normal vinaigrette, 1tsp mustard powder, 2tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp white wine vinegar No olives… Continue reading Salade Nicoise. Ish.