Dusty Knuckle Dessert Calzone

Peach, Strawberry and White ChocolateI normally don’t write about the wonderful street food we have in Cardiff, after all, it’s not London. I’m going to make an exception this time. One of the vendors we go out of our way to visit wherever they are, within reason, is Dusty Knuckle. And this time is was their amazing calzone which blew us away.

Their pizzas are beyond anything I’d expect anywhere up to and including in posh London restaurants. The portable ovens are wood-fired clay igloos providing enough heat to blacken the hand-kneaded dough nicely at the edges, heat the ingredients through nicely and melt the mozzarella into lovely strings.

Today’s for us was proscuitto and mushroom, simple but delicious. He often supports the other vendors at Riverside Farmer’s Market on the Taff, for example using Charcutier Ltd’s wonderful hand-cured piggy goodness.

Standing there passing the time about markets, what they’re up to soon and so forth, they forced upon us one of their dessert calzones, in this case Strawberry, Peach and White Chocolate. I was hoping for the Nutella one. All I can say is “wow!”. This is not something that would have been on my radar, especially already being pretty stuffed from a savoury pizza, but it was sublime.

Will nom again!