Classic Bolognese/Ragù/Tomato Sauce

It was decided we would have a vegetarian dinner since we’d been having meat just a little too often, despite my O- blood group being allegedly quite meat oriented. It’s bullshit, but what the heck. We had some Quorn mince in the freezer. Quorn is not the worst thing in the world. We survived on… Continue reading Classic Bolognese/Ragù/Tomato Sauce

Burro e Salvia, Shoreditch

Working in Shoreditch, surrounded by people in scary clothes and shops selling stuff I neither want nor can afford, there are a couple of standout places. This one is a traditional “Pastaficio” with all pasta handmade and a little café out back. Unless you’ve been to Italy and had the same, you’ve not tasted anything… Continue reading Burro e Salvia, Shoreditch