Daikon Radish Kimchi

Quart-sized jars sit on my countertop, filled with fermenting vegetables: jars of fermented hot chile sauce and pickled green tomatoes, and huge crocks of homemade sauerkraut or sour pickles.  I serve fermented vegetables and cultured foods as side dishes where they give everything a little pick-me-up.  This radish kimchi, made with gorgeous purple daikon radishes,… Continue reading Daikon Radish Kimchi

Frozen Gingered Peach Pecan Crumble Bars

In the Pacific Northwest, summer days are long and bright. We spend those long, late sunny summer evenings entertaining friends, sometimes twenty or thirty at a time, in the best way my husband and I know how: with a table overflowing with good food and good drink. As those afternoon barbecues linger on into evenings,… Continue reading Frozen Gingered Peach Pecan Crumble Bars

Rhubarb Sauce

I harvested my rhubarb this weekend, taking care to get to the garden before the elephant-eared plants bolted in the growing heat as spring turns to summer.  I sorted through that mountain of green and red plant life, trimming away the greens and chopping my way through the ruby red stalks – some as thick… Continue reading Rhubarb Sauce