From Asparagus to Jersey Royals! Spring food in England.

Autumn is like lady bountiful, great food every where. But for me, spring is the one, when we’re emerging from an impossibly long winter, blinking into nice light evenings, sitting outside the pub or cafe, maybe, and enjoying the coming of the summer. Oh, and the seeds for autumnal bounty are sprouting. For me, the… Continue reading From Asparagus to Jersey Royals! Spring food in England.

Goulash London style and a heresy

A friend said he was cooking this which immediately gave me a yearning. First thing was that my paprika was supermarket and stale, so I ventured to the Spice Shop in Brighton, purveyor of all things herby, spicy and tasty. Then it starts getting religious: is it a soup or a stew? Sour cream or… Continue reading Goulash London style and a heresy


A simple example of how even the top-end supermarket free range organic eggs compare badly to real farm eggs.

The English Breakfast

The English Breakfast is something we can justly claim to be great cuisine. This is but a ghost of the real thing. The “full English” would have sausages, fried bread, toast, tomatoes and black pudding.

Burro e Salvia, Shoreditch

Working in Shoreditch, surrounded by people in scary clothes and shops selling stuff I neither want nor can afford, there are a couple of standout places. This one is a traditional “Pastaficio” with all pasta handmade and a little caf√© out back. Unless you’ve been to Italy and had the same, you’ve not tasted anything… Continue reading Burro e Salvia, Shoreditch

BBC Good Food Show 2013, Whoop!

Historically, I’ve avoided these things like the plague, imagining they’re dominated by big brands with a few little fish round the edge. Turns out I was wrong. Whoop!   I know for next time how to play it: Avoid the booze at the start like the plague. Yes, gin at 11 in the morning is… Continue reading BBC Good Food Show 2013, Whoop!