Classic Bolognese/Ragù/Tomato Sauce

It was decided we would have a vegetarian dinner since we’d been having meat just a little too often, despite my O- blood group being allegedly quite meat oriented. It’s bullshit, but what the heck. We had some Quorn mince in the freezer. Quorn is not the worst thing in the world. We survived on… Continue reading Classic Bolognese/Ragù/Tomato Sauce

The flexibility of a chicken

Sometimes you’re walking past the last day shelf in Tesco and a chicken for £2.50 just leaps out at you, you just can’t avoid it! You think “I can get at least four meals out of it for the two of us!” And you do! As an example meal plan: A proper Sunday roast. Beautiful… Continue reading The flexibility of a chicken

Kitchen utensils – the essentials

Introduction Having the right kitchen utensils is really important. I don’t mean some fancy motorised gizmo costing £400, I mean the basics, the simple things we use every day that make our cooking slick, fast and easy, so we don’t even have to think about what we’re doing. So here is a list of tools… Continue reading Kitchen utensils – the essentials

Goulash London style and a heresy

A friend said he was cooking this which immediately gave me a yearning. First thing was that my paprika was supermarket and stale, so I ventured to the Spice Shop in Brighton, purveyor of all things herby, spicy and tasty. Then it starts getting religious: is it a soup or a stew? Sour cream or… Continue reading Goulash London style and a heresy

The English Breakfast

The English Breakfast is something we can justly claim to be great cuisine. This is but a ghost of the real thing. The “full English” would have sausages, fried bread, toast, tomatoes and black pudding.