The Good Old Fashioned British Sunday Roast

Roast Chicken

Let’s talk about the Sunday roast. Funny thing about true indigenous British cuisine is how sparse and rare it is. Even that great traditional British dish of Fish and Chips is a Portuguese/Jewish import apparently. We do other people’s cuisine like Indian and Cantonese pretty well and you won’t starve with Italian, French and so… Continue reading The Good Old Fashioned British Sunday Roast

The flexibility of a chicken

Sometimes you’re walking past the last day shelf in Tesco and a chicken for £2.50 just leaps out at you, you just can’t avoid it! You think “I can get at least four meals out of it for the two of us!” And you do! As an example meal plan: A proper Sunday roast. Beautiful… Continue reading The flexibility of a chicken

Lo Bak Gao – Turnip Cake

This was always a staple of mine when having Dim Sum in London, with hordes of other developers. First time I had it was at Dynasty in Bristol, a stones throw from my office, although we mis-heard what it was called 🙂 Dipped in a soy/rice vinegar or chilli dip, it’s just the taste of… Continue reading Lo Bak Gao – Turnip Cake

Kitchen utensils – the essentials

Introduction Having the right kitchen utensils is really important. I don’t mean some fancy motorised gizmo costing £400, I mean the basics, the simple things we use every day that make our cooking slick, fast and easy, so we don’t even have to think about what we’re doing. So here is a list of tools… Continue reading Kitchen utensils – the essentials

HelloFresh recipe box – review, tasty

There was a half price bargain to be had, so we took the plunge and got a couple of HelloFresh boxes at half price. Tuesday morning they arrived by truck incredibly well packed. The refrigerables packeded in insulated bags and all the other ingredients portioned into little boxes of a size appropriate to the recipes,… Continue reading HelloFresh recipe box – review, tasty

Sea bass, seafood and fennel from Relish Wales cookbook

This was my first effort from the Welsh restaurant cookbook and it was a pretty easy one: Sea bass (or red mullet or similar fillet with the skin on), pan fried until the skin is crispy. Fennel finely sliced, softened in butter then braised in the oven in fish stock. An assortment of seafood cooked… Continue reading Sea bass, seafood and fennel from Relish Wales cookbook

Relish Wales – Second Helping, Cookbook

My second major win of the bank holiday weekend was this book spotted for half price in the Beaufort Arms (nice lunch!) in Raglan. It’s a survey of the finest restaurants in Wales and their recipes, featuring much local meat, veg, fish and seafood. The recipes are possibly a little too complicated for home, and… Continue reading Relish Wales – Second Helping, Cookbook

Salade Nicoise. Ish.

The definition of Salade Nicoise seems pretty flexible, so here is a flexed version containing: Pembrokeshire Early new potatoes Red onion Cucumber, cored, from the farmer’s market Cherry tomatoes, from the supermarket, sadly Not-quite hard-boiled egg Anchovies Lettuce from the garden Normal vinaigrette, 1tsp mustard powder, 2tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp white wine vinegar No olives… Continue reading Salade Nicoise. Ish.

The quest for BBQ spare ribs

Saturday was a win again at the farmer’s market. As well as scoring some excellent broad beans and lovely Crafty Devil beer, Charcutier Ltd again had an offer on their spare ribs so the quest was on to cook them even better! This time, I went for this recipe from the BBC: I’m now… Continue reading The quest for BBQ spare ribs

BBC Barbecued Spare Ribs

We were at the @RCMAmarkets today stocking up on essentials like fresh broad beans, eggs and so on, when, getting my bacon roll from Charcutier I happened to spy that he had half price spare ribs. Thinking that’s tonight’s barbecue sorted (it’s not raining in Cardiff today, oddly), my next task was a recipe. Eschewing… Continue reading BBC Barbecued Spare Ribs