Cantonese pork belly.

We have pork belly reasonably frequently at home, one way or another. It has two great benefits: it’s cheap and it’s tasty. This recipe elevates it to something special. This makes it fall-apart tender and has the added benefit of fantastic crackling. Get a slab of pork belly, season it, cover the skin in salt,… Continue reading Cantonese pork belly.

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Eating Taipei

We made our annual pilgrimage to eating Taipei. This was on condition we got to see *my* friends for a change. This we did. And, because it was Taipei, we ate across Asia: China, Japan, Myanmar and Tibet. This is a document of all the great things we ate. Food is awesome in Taipei because… Continue reading Eating Taipei

Panko Tofu

Tofu in itself isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. But that doesn’t stop a billion or more Chinese, Japanese and vegetarians around the world eating it. It comes in many textures from silky to solid. The one we pick up is solid and once it has the liquid drained from it, is a… Continue reading Panko Tofu