Cantonese pork belly.

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We have pork belly reasonably frequently at home, one way or another. It has two great benefits: it’s cheap and it’s tasty. This recipe elevates it to something special. This makes it fall-apart tender and has the added benefit of fantastic crackling.

Get a slab of pork belly, season it, cover the skin in salt, roast in a foil surround and then the important part: grill it gently until the crackling is perfect. Contrary to the recipe, I reckon half an hour under a gentle grill and then let it rest while you dish everything else up.

The recipe I stumbled on was from The Woks of Life and if I had my way I’d make it every week. A slab from the supermarket is enough four people or two with enough left over for a soup noodle and a sandwich.

Make this!