10 Cozy Things to Make in October

My favorite month has arrived. October is the month of birthdays in my family. Amelia’s birthday is in a few weeks and she is incredibly excited about her new cake this year. Here’s a lil’ round up of my favorite things to make during the official month of coziness. 1. One-Bowl Pumpkin Sheet Cake with Brown Butter Frosting – I made this on my Insta Stories (see my highlights) and it reminded me how much I love this dang cake. The frosting is like a drug—it is delicious and addicting. And so many of you have made it with rave reviews. It’s honestly a season-must-make. 2. Chorizo-Spiced Pumpkin Pasta – Here me out: the spices in chorizo are worth putting in all the things. And they work wonderfully with pumpkin. This pasta is super easy to throw together and it is so delicious! 3. Cornbread Chicken + Dumplings – I love this dish because the dumplings are my favorite thing ever. They are fluffy and delicious and this uses a rotisserie chicken (if you want it to), which makes it a super easy recipe to make on a weeknight. 4. Asian Pear + Apple Pie – I love Asian pears. […]

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