Rachel Roddy’s recipe for caraway seed cake

A rich treat studded with aniseed flavour and a drop of marsala

As a day girl, I was intrigued and terrified by the boarding houses at my senior school. I felt both envious of and sorry for my friends whose beds were at the top of the staircase above an office.

Envy triumphed at tea time. While two thirds of us stuffed text books and damp, smelly games kit into school bags, the boarding third, liberated from their green uniform and slouching in jeans and sweatshirts, were already in the dining room eating toast, cake and buns with a rug of white icing. Occasionally, a rehearsal or match meant we, too, could go into tea, pull a long bun from the tray of 25, hopefully with some of its neighbour’s icing. The buns were usually slightly underdone, as much dough as bread, which I loved, despite the mild indigestion. They not only filled you up, but acted as a sort of cork on hunger that lasted the entire match/rehearsal.

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