Nigel Slater’s grilled bavette recipe

No need to splash out on steak: cook up a bavettes feast

The bavette, that long, slender steak from the lower end of the belly, sounds less than promising. No rim of creamy-yellow fat to frame its flesh; no thick bone at its side to enrich it as it cooks; a piece of meat that is cut thinner than I usually prefer. And yet, briefly marinated with thyme, garlic and rosemary and cooked quickly on a hot griddle or over coals outdoors and left to rest before slicing, it has become my go-to steak this summer.

I bought my first piece a few years ago, more out of curiosity than anything else. Despite its lack of fat and bone, it tempted: the colour was the deepest maroon flecked with tiny nuggets of sweet fat and its deep, open grain intrigued. The price was a bargain compared to what I normally paid for steak. Cooked on a searingly hot cast iron griddle, the one I still use, the meat was ready in no time, then rested and sliced into thick pieces. I’ve never looked back.

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from Food & drink | The Guardian