How far can a £1.50 veg box go? Here’s how I made a meal for four – with cabbage to spare

Lidl is trialling a 5kg box of past-its-best fruit and veg, which could save up to 10,000 tonnes of food waste a year. One writer uses it to make a meal for four

The discount grocer Lidl has launched a pilot scheme to combat in-store food waste. In 122 shops across the country, the retailer’s self-titled freshness specialists – yes, really – are putting together 5kg boxes of fruit and veg that is no longer at its prime but still perfectly edible – on sale for only £1.50.

I picked one up from my local branch – they are in a crate positioned past the checkout point, but handily next to the charity boxes. The store opens at 8am. I arrived before 9am, and mine was the last box.

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from Food & drink | The Guardian