From hippies to haute cuisine: how pot food got a makeover (plus recipes)

Cannabis is becoming a cooking ingredient in its own right, as chefs create elaborate cannabis tasting menus at private dinners

For most Americans, eating marijuana has long been about function over flavor. Think of the dish that inevitably comes to mind: pot brownies. Less a delicious dessert than a discreet delivery mechanism for THC (the drug’s primary psychoactive ingredient), brownies can be smuggled to places where cannabis isn’t welcome. Chocolate, meanwhile, does an adequate job of disguising the plant’s taste – which is reminiscent of dandelion leaves growing from cracks in the sidewalk.

But with legalization and the attendant push to gentrify the drug, a small but vocal contingent have become champions of cannabis as a cooking ingredient in its own right. In cities where it’s legal, cannabis catering services now offer “elevated” dining experiences. On the new Netflix show Cooking on High, teams compete to make the most tempting ganja-infused dishes.

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from Food & drink | The Guardian