Anna Jones’s recipes for carrot marmalade and a vegetarian roast

Stew carrots down with citrus for a sweet-and-sour conserve, or cook seeded yorkshire puddings as part of a meatless family meal

My family is made up of three vegetarians, two vegans, a pescatarian and Dad, who has a steak on special occasions. We’ve had to reinvent our classics to fit the tapestry of how we all eat. Our Saturday-morning pancakes are now vegan, made with oats and bananas; our favourite pudding, banoffee pie, is now topped with whipped coconut cream. It’s all part of our family’s evolution and I think it’s how more and more people eat. Family meals should be democratic; where no one is left out, so bit by bit I am updating our family classics to fit.

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from Food & drink | The Guardian