Sweet and sour chicken balls

Sweet and Sour chicken balls

I’m British. I love sweet and sour. Bite me. Last night we had chicken in the fridge, and a small can of pineapple chunks in the cupboard so what better to do but sweet and sour chicken? Actually, sweet and sour pork would have been marginally better, but whatever.

Chicken Balls

Dinner was actually a mashup of two recipes. This one gave lovely, crispy, chicken balls:


sweet and sour chicken

I was quite surprised at how good they actually where. The combination of self-raising flour, cornflour, garlic powder, salt, pepper, sugar and bicarb made for a really crunchy exterior. Definitely keep the sauce apart from the chicken otherwise it’ll go soggy.

The Sauce

For the sauce, it’s basically a sweeter, more vinegary version of a barbecue sauce. It’s similar in the sense it excites my taste buds just as much, and we go to the great BBC for this one, which was on point:


Hong Kong style

hong kong style

I also learned that Hong Kong style sweet and sour is where the chicken is served in the sauce as more of a stir-fry, rather than having the sauce on the side:


I have fond memories of taking a walk in the evening with my then girlfriend and future first wife, passing the Chinese takeaway, getting a couple of spring rolls and a cup of sweet and sour sauce. Good times.

Taiwanese Sweet and Sour

My new wife doesn’t regard Cantonese as “proper” Chinese, it’s just some regional thing and nowhere near as good as Taiwanese cooking. I beg to differ. I’ve also had sweet and sour in Taiwan and that was REALLY good. Less sweet and LOADS of garlic in the sauce. So maybe I’m agreeing.

This is the legendary Taiwan Duck’s Taiwanese take on it:


Maybe I’m overthinking it, and it’s something I’ll cook only occasionally, but it’s still one of my favourites.