Nigel Slater’s strawberry recipes

It’s easy to smother the delicate flavour of strawberries, but add a little something to a trifle or pair them with a vanilla cream and they’ll soon be singing

Years after removing the strawberry bed, the occasional, persistent plant appears through a crack in the path, as if to tease me about my decision. I admire their resilience and leave them be, wolfing the cheeky little intruders if I can get to them before the blackbirds.

All too often strawberries deceive us by smelling better than they taste. I find it helps to introduce another element that will bring a bit of life to the berries – a squeeze of orange juice perhaps, the merest dash of balsamic vinegar or the subtlest grinding of pepper. The most successful additions I have found to date are passionfruit and raspberries. You need to get the balance right, but either will make the berries sing that bit louder once you involve cream, crème fraîche or sweet, soft cheese.

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