Cardiff Street Food – El Chilango

El Chilango nachos

El Chilango is one of my favourite street food places in Cardiff.

The street food here in the ‘diff is pretty good.

With only 300,000 people as opposed to London’s teeming throng, the selection is wide and pops up at the weekend in several places, from farmer’s markets to festivals to the occasional static venue.

As opposed to Dusty Knuckle pizza and Crafty Devil beer who both started just as we arrived here, el Chilango popped up a little later with authentic Mexican street food.

We had the FRESHLY FRIED nachos with pulled pork and some kind of cheese shown in the picture.

But it could easily have been tacos, Chilaquiles Verdes, Quesadilla or anything authentic.

I like it! I should probably write a summary of everything that’s on offer. Or get yourself to the Cowbridge or Abergavenny food festivals.

If you happen to be down this way, find out where they are from Twitter.