Weetabix with ham and eggs: ‘I nearly choked’

The back of some packets suggest a version of eggs benedict made with Weetabix instead of muffins. We put the idea to the test…

Brexit is going to bring change that some of us may find hard to swallow. The price of croissants may go up. It could be more difficult to get hold of proper Greek yoghurt, or German rye bread, and we may have to look further afield for breakfast inspiration – so perhaps Weetabix is to be applauded for getting ahead of the game with the American-inspired serving suggestion currently gracing some of its boxes.

“Benedict’s eggs” is an eggs benedict in which the traditional, and very American “English” muffin is replaced by, wait for it, one of its very British wholegrain breakfast biscuits. You could say it’s taking our country back, one baked good at a time.

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