Nigel Slater’s winter salads with chicken and pork

After all the stodge of the festive season, start afresh with these cool winter dishes

I am not going to forgo my daily salad just because there’s a bit of frost on the roof. Those crisp, crackling leaves of winter, the welcome snap of bitterness and bright flavours will continue to take their place on my table, they just need a slightly different treatment. Most of my winter salads have a hot element to them – a sizzling, often spicy addition to contrast with the coolness of all the lush, crunchy greenery.

Roast chicken tossed with a dressing made from its own roasting juices, mellow black garlic and ice cold segments of citrus appeared on the menu this week, as did another salad of fat-marbled pork (I used belly), sweet miso and honey with pears and freckled lettuce. The pears, incidentally, were cooked with vinegar, sugar and peppercorns to give a teasingly pickled note, and would be good with cold meats or a wedge of pork pie, too.

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