Accidentally Imbibe – much gin

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I did not expect to go into Olympia and the Imbibe festival this afternoon and sample things!

There was gin, vodka, rum, whisk(e)y, beer and cider. I tried to focus on gin because that’s where I’ve been recently. A good gin with a nice balance of botanicals is a good thing. An unbalanced gin, while still drinkable is not as much of a pleasure. I’ll still drink it, but I won’t enjoy it quite as much.

Of all the drinks in the above carousel, I would say the standouts were:

  • Conker gin
  • Portobello Road gin
  • Cucumber gin was not good, but their sparkling water was great!
  • Wild tiger rum has potential and a vanilla aftertaste which isn’t even an ingredient.
  • The Poitín was a revelation. I had no idea it was even legal!
  • Jim Beam Rye was so much better than the twice barelled.

All in all, a great way to accidentally spend an afternoon!

As an aside, this annoys me about Wales. We have prodigious volumes of water, but thanks to the mines, it’s so often polluted. The guys at Penderyn have their own water source up in the Brecons. Is that a cheat?