Whither Nomr?

Sticky spicy beef
Proper Chinese food in Hong Kong!
Sticky spicy beef
Proper Chinese food in Hong Kong!

I’ve been crazy busy, as Americans say, for the last few months but that’s eased right off and it’s time to re-examine where to go with Nomr. Some observations:

  • I’ve not been posting much of my own cooking lately. This will change!
  • Gluten-free seems to be a big thing on twitter. More or less of this?
  • The other two founders have gone off and got themselves intense jobs so it’s all me right now. Anyone care to guest blog?
  • Our Facebook followers are getting active despite Facebook’s stupidly poor reach (I do promote occasionally). Do you like the articles/recipe links being posted?
  • I’ve noticed a MASSIVE difference between British and American cooking. Do you mind a British recipe focus for now? Curse your turkey, cranberries, squash, kosher salt and scant teaspoons.
  • I have a database of 60,000 assorted recipes and an API. This could be a lot more. Would anyone like to use this, or is Google sufficient? I can add recipe rating and comments easily.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion, after my goulash foray last year, that I actually like long-form, curated articles more than recipes. They’re much more informative. Is that what you like? I certainly prefer writing them.
  • Should this be a survey? 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment here or on the Facebook page. Thanks!