7 all time favorite films about food, we are cinefoodies!

Screenshot of Tampopo by Jûzô Itami
Screenshot of the “egg scene” from the film Tampopo by director Jûzô Itami


Ah Cinema! “The Seventh Art” as Ricciotto Canudo named it, a title that is still current in many languages. What happens then when our love for food is depicted in movies? We love them more!

What do we do about it? A list! A list of the most awesome movies that they have story lines which revolve around food. Crazy, sexy, funny mouthwatering and many other wonderful or weird setups!


Here is  Nomr’s official selection of the best food films ever.

Big Night

Two brothers Primo and Secondo immigrate  from Italy to New Jersey in the 50’s with a dream: To have great success offering authentic Italian food in their restaurant which is called “Paradise”.  For some strange reason though their customers don’t care much about their dishes, they seem to prefer spaghetti and meatballs and other Americanized versions of Italian food.

Their main competitor Pascal, who they have no respect for, is doing  really well serving Americanized  “Italian style food”. In his desperation Secondo goes to Pascal for help….

A really heartbreaking but also funny movie with  great performances by Isabella Rossellini,  Allison Janney, Stanley Tucci  and Tony Shalhoub .

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Jiro Ono is considered the best Sushi chef in the world, this is his story. Japan his  country has declared him a national treasure and he is awarded with three Michelin stars. Be a witness of  how disciplined and hard working his staff is but also feel the weight on his first son’s shoulders who is gonna take over the business one day.

See him say that after all these years he hadn’t achieved perfection. Amazing documentary about an amazing sushi chef.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

A cinematic masterpiece written and directed by Peter Greenaway. Features great performances by (Sexy as hell) Helen Mirren, Michael Gambon and Tim Roth.

A bookseller in a romantic relationship with the wife of a barbaric/sadistic mobster,  engage in all sort of sexual activities  in a restaurant’s hideouts  with the silent permission of the cook.

The story revolves around sex, food, sadistic urges, long tracking scenes and it takes a dark turn it the end..

Eat Drink Man Woman

This movie hails from Taiwan and it’s about a chef Mr Chu and his three unmarried daughters. New meets old and everything revolves around the Sunday dinner…

Ridiculous trailer follows 🙂


This is about wine apparently but what’s good food without good wine right? Two friends embark on a road trip to the Californian wine country.

They will meet two women and will connect romantically with them, did I forget to mention that one of the guys is getting married in a week? Oh dear.

A movie about, wine, love, aspirations, depression and many other things. Paul Giamatti delivers a brilliant perfomance as always in this one.

Julie and Julia

Based on two real life stories and two women. One is Julia Child the famous American chef and TV persona, and the other is Julie Powell who took a challenge to cook 524 of Julia Child’s recipes in 365 days…


You have heard of spaghetti westerns right? This is a noodle western.  Gorō  a lorry driver and his sidekick gun stop at a roadside noodle shop and after they rescue the owners son from getting beat up, they rescue Tampopo herself (The noodle shop owner ) by some ill mannered customer.

Tampopo proves to be not a very great chef and Gorō decides to help her. As their story evolves we are treated with other strange stories about food…



Do you have any favorite movies that we’ve missed? Share them in the comments bellow!

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