20 best Christmas recipes: part 3

Festive recipes that are sure to impress your holiday guests, including Anna Jonesís vegetarian celebration pie, Florence Knightís buttered lobster and Claire Ptakís pineapple trifle

I love how exotic it is to have pineapples in the kitchen, and the holidays, when local fruit is scarce, is the perfect time to buy a few plump ones. Pineapples and kirsch have a long history together. A French bistro classic is chunks of the tropical fruit soaked in the cherry-flavoured liqueur, served simply, perhaps with a thin crisp biscuit on the side. Turning this combination into a version of the beloved British trifle makes so much sense. I grill the pineapple with a little sugar and some kirsch to the point that it almost catches and softens to a tender consistency. After that wonderfully warming meal we wait all year for, this cold, bright and boozy pudding is just the thing. Look for fruits that are fragrant and heavy with a green crown that isnít drying out.

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