Coconut Cake with Hibiscus Frosting

Iím slowly getting myself used to the idea that we are about to head into summer (tomorrow is the official day!). I mean, itís felt like summer all week long but I need mental preparation for things like the sweltering temperatures and sweating. As you know, Iím more of a wintery person. I like sweaters and snow and crisp breezes. This past weekend, a few pairs of shorts and summer clothes arrived in the mail, along with a beautiful straw bag that my friend Cassie brought back for me from Balióitís beautiful (this one is kinda similar tho the ones she bought were like a fraction of the price, of course). I wrote lots of lists this weekend, too. Iím preparing for a biggish project that Iíll be telling you about soon! (Itís fun and cool and will result in more pretty pictures of food.) Also, Beyonce had twins! WHEEET?!?! She had them reportedly LAST Monday. Iím mainly impressed that they were capable of keeping that private for an entire week. Go, B! ANDDDD, The Great British Baking Show started on PBS. I love that show so very much. There are a lot of things that Iíve made on this […]

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