Potato Wedges – Unsung Hero

Potato wedgesI’d been mulling over what to do with potatoes.

We probably eat rice most of the rest of the time with a few noodles thrown in (Yay! Wagamama Amai Udon!) but beyond mash (with additions like horseradish) and roast potatoes I’d been struggling.

Then Jamie Oliver hit me between the eyes.

Potato wedges!

Turns out they’re really simple. Par-boil the wedges for 5-10 minutes season with salt, pepper, paprika, maybe some parmesan, slap in the oven for half an hour and bingo! Lovely crispy, tasty goodness!

What a relief from mash. These are now a household staple.

Apparently in parts of America, these are deep-fried alongside chicken and called “Jojos”. Who knew?


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2 Replies to “Potato Wedges – Unsung Hero”

  1. Sweet potato wedges are an occasional staple for us – notably with steam and anything plausibly “American” (pulled pork, southern-fried^Wbaked chicken, etc). No need to par-boil, just coat in oil, paprika, crushed garlic, and maybe some mixed (Italian-esque) herbs and bake for ~45mins at 200C.

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